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From Richard Freilich <>
Subject Bug ?in Apache 0.8.14
Date Tue, 24 Oct 1995 03:32:56 GMT

I know everybody's busy as hell getting ready to release version 1.0, but 
I noticed what could be a bug in 0.8.14 that I hadn't seen a fix or any 
comments on, so I thought I'd drop a line to the list...

In .14, previously correct .htgroup files aren't being read correctly.

Where:		group: user1
		group: user2
		group: usern

worked fine in the past, now it only authorizes usern.


		group: user1 user2 usern

seems to work.

Quite the problem when userlists get to be in the thousands.

Any advice/response would be great, thanks for the time.

************************** Richard Freilich ***************************
E-mail:	       HookUp Communication Corporation 
Webmaster				 Ontario, Canada (905) 847-8000

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