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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Has someone written an Apache online administration tool?
Date Sat, 28 Oct 1995 21:49:32 GMT
>From c.i.w.s.u (Schrenk Nathan W) wrote:
>I'm in the preliminary stages of development on an online administration
>tool for Apache that will be similar to the administration tool that
>comes with Netsite.  I was wondering if anyone else was undertaking such
>and effort, and if so, where I might find more information on their project.
>I don't want to duplicate something that's already been done, and I plan
>on completing such a tool if one doesn't already exist (and is freely 
>For those of you who aren't familiar with Netsite's administration tool,
>it is a collection of CGI programs accessed through a unified interface
>that allow the server administrator to perform almost every administrative
>task related to the HTTP server.  A few things that the Netsite tool allows
>you to do, and that I plan on supporting with my project are:
>	- add/remove/change aliasing, turn on CGI in directories, etc
>	- manage user authentication databases
>	- manage access control for various areas of the server 
>	- restart or shutdown the server
>	- edit MIME types/extension mappings that the server recognizes
>	- modify virtual host configurations independently
>	- modify process control settings (MaxSpareServers, etc)
>	- customize error messges, etc.
>	... and basically every other config file setting that Apache has.
>I imagine that this will be easily adaptable to NCSA httpd, and possibly
>other servers as well.  Any thoughts on this tool?  Would you find it useful?
>What features would be most important to you?  
>On a somehwat different topic, has anyone written a module or come up with
>a way to do Netsite-style document trailers with Apache?  I administer a
>server with a fairly large number of documents and directories, many with
>a custom trailer appended to them and I'd like to migrate this over to
>an Apache server fairly painlessly.  If it comes down it it, I'll probably
>write a module to add trailer support into Apache if there's no easier 
>Thanks for your input,
>Nathan Schrenk

Sounds nice to me - anyone aware of any similar developments?



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