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From Brandon Long <>
Subject Announce: NCSA HTTPd 1.5b7
Date Fri, 27 Oct 1995 01:11:54 GMT

This should be the final version of NCSA HTTPd 1.5b7.  I'd appreciate
if you would try it out, and comment on any problems you encounter.

Fixes for 1.5 Beta 7
*) typo: strncat for strncpy in DOCUMENT_URI setting for SSI
*) various domain restriction bugs
*) DNSMode support
*) DNSMode Minimum should now do the DNS lookup for authentication if necessary
*) RESOURCE_LIMIT compile time option makes MaxServers the hard limit
   for number of servers to run.
*) fix imagemap for full urls
*) fix referer logging in error_log
*) fix SSI file closing
*) fixed LOCAL hack to check if remote_host is NULL
*) setrlimit (NOFILES) to try and raise the number of file descriptors
   allowed as high as possible.
*) Added patch by Stuart Lynne ( to make proc title a tachometer
*) Possible fixes for loop errors and spontaneous 403 errors

Thanks again for all the help you have provided for this beta test.


 Brandon Long		"I think, therefore I am Confused." - RAW
 HTTPd/SDG/NCSA/UIUC  "Here's a nickel, kid.  Get yourself a better computer."			-"Dilbert" by Scott Adams 6-24-95	Consider myself properly disclaimed.	

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