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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: FYI.. (fwd)
Date Thu, 26 Oct 1995 22:44:07 GMT
Jordan Hubbard:
> > In the upcoming FreeBSD 2.1 release, there is a configuration option off
> > of one of the installation menus for installing and configuring (with a
> > small sample home page) WEB server.  Given that I had nothing newer than
> > Apache 0.8.14 to work with, I've sort of stapled this knowledge into the
> > installation code and will be maintaining a pre-packaged version of
> > Apache for FreeBSD on various FTP sites.  Such in-built knowledge is
> > naturally somewhat evil and I don't particularly like it, but it was the
> > only way I could really make the process completely seamless.

If *you're* happy bundling a beta that has 1 and maybe 2 more patch/test/vote
cycles to go before it's 1.0 then carry on.  There is some impetus within
our group to 'get a move on' and release something *anything* before christmas
that we could happily call 1.0.  But, as has been proven in the past 2 weeks
this eagerness can cause us to overlook problems.

> > My question therefore is:  Is the idea of "bundling" a BETA version of
> > your server in this way going to bother you in any way?

Nope.  But a 1.0 release *could* tread on the toes of whatever funky code you've
wrapped Apache 0.8.14 in, and we wouldn't feel blamed if it did.  This said,
we've been in a feature freeze for what seems like an eternity now with all
'fixes' in the past weeks being there to catch bugs, not to radically change
the way Apache behaves.  If we had an understanding of what you expect to be in
the apache distribution as and when you come to un-package it, then we could
give you more sound advice.  There are several FreeBSD users on this list and
advice given would be good.

> I looked at the
> > other alternatives but there really aren't any given that we're all
> > pretty avid Apache fans here (we use it for and we'd
> > like to encourage people to use your server over any of the
> > alternatives.  I'm going to put 2.1 "in the can" in about 8-10 days
> > here, so unless your 1.0 version is literally imminent, I'm not sure
> > that I'll be able to sync with it.  For 2.1.1, certainly, but 2.1 is
> > going to be tight!  Any comments?

I would say don't wait for us.  IMHO, we have few enough reasons for getting
this damned thing right without the added kudos of being closely associated
with a product like FreeBSD to deflect our quality control.

> > Thanks!
> > -- 
> > 						Jordan

Anyone else have comments? - remember to cc JH too, if you want.

Ay [answering fer hisself, but cc'ing Apache Group]

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