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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Apache-SSL license
Date Thu, 26 Oct 1995 19:49:57 GMT
> Well, I would hope that in a more enlightened age Apache-SSL could be
> reintegrated with Apache. I also hope that the Apache Group will give me
> permission to use the name. I note that the protected name is "Apache Server",
> which I am not using.
> Furthermore, if Microsoft want to use Apache why would we want to stop them?

I think the 'name' to be protected is "Apache" when mentioned to in the same
breath as "WWW server".  If Cowboy Corp decide to make an ApacheImproved1.0 which
rolls over and plays dead, or turns round and bites some poor unsuspecting Joe
in the ass then we'll get the blame by association, because the "Apache" brand
was used.

It's probably not worth arguing about, and I'm sure noone else gives a shit
anyway.  As for Microsoft using Apache, well I'm not advocating preventing
people marketing a product that is demonstrably based upon an Apache Group
product, but I am concerned that the name might be used as a distinct marketing
tool also, when no use is made of the product itself.  Apache is a high-profile
brandname in this arena and unlike almost every other similar product on the net
it has no legal owner.

Can we say on the one hand:

	"Oh the governements are messed up so we can't make an SSL based
	product that everyone can use.  Instead we can mention another
	product that is based on the Apache server, oh, but it's got
	nothing to do with us, and we don't care that it's called
	Apache-SSL (say), cuz anyone can call this product what they please"

and on the other:

	"Hey fooSoft you can't market a www server called ApacheII, cuz it's
	not based on our work and we feel kind of personally attached to the
	name.  Huh?... what do you *mean* we 'let some other guy use the name
	even tho he was working independantly', ... that was Apache through and
	through, yeah, fer sure it was an Apache Group sponsored project and, 
	uh, oh hi COCOM.  Mmm, yep, we'll stop trading, yep right away sir,
	yep, we love our jobs..."


a)	there are a lot of issues of varying importance all intertwined here
b)	it's not in *my* best interests to labor the point

Just bare it in mind eh? ;)

> Ben.


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