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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Bug ?in Apache 0.8.14
Date Wed, 25 Oct 1995 17:37:26 GMT
> On Wed, 25 Oct 1995, David Robinson wrote:
> > >I know everybody's busy as hell getting ready to release version 1.0, but 
> > >I noticed what could be a bug in 0.8.14 that I hadn't seen a fix or any 
> > >comments on, so I thought I'd drop a line to the list...
> > 
> > >In .14, previously correct .htgroup files aren't being read correctly.
> > >
> > >Where:          group: user1
> > >                group: user2
> > >                group: usern
> > >
> > >worked fine in the past, now it only authorizes usern.
> > 
> > This is correct. Apache is incompatible with NCSA in this respect.
> > This will hurt ANYONE using NCSA 1.3 httpd with .htgroup files who has
> > more that ~50 users in a group. I think this is a severe incompatibility.
> But Apache 0.6.5 was compatible in this respect - the incompatibility 
> seems to have started somewhere with 0.8.14.
> Comments from anyone?

This has happened before, re: the #include file/virtual stuff from last week.
A non NCSA compatible behaviour was introduced pre 0.6.5 and noone noticed it,
and the problem found its way into the post-Shambahla relases too, and noone
noticed until last week.

It seems to be a choice between:

1)	staying NCSA 1.3 compatible and enforcing a stricter interpretation
	than Apache currently observes, and in the process risk alienating
	users of newer Apache servers who've:
	a)	discovered the 'new' functionality
	b)	are making active use of that functionality


2)	just not caring and dealing with problems when NCSA 1.3 users switch to
	Apache and find all their mission critical legacy code crashing about
	their ears.
		[like we say they can do with no problems]

Rob T's pointed out that the best way to manage large group files is to
try using DBM and we've known about this and used them for ages.  But that doesn't
help people if they want their existing .htgroup applications to work under Apache.

A solution which allows people to *painlessly* upgrade from NCSA 1.3 would be
of great benefit.  Probably more so than just mentioning in the compatibility
notes that

	'...oh yeah, you need to convert all your files to a different format
	to get this beast to work.  Gee, sorry...'

Ay	[who just spent the last week going round in circles tracing a vicious
	little bug in telnet]

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