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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: 1.oh
Date Tue, 24 Oct 1995 14:36:15 GMT
>   +1 add the 2 showstopper patches, create 1.0, install, release following day
> at least a little public testing, so much the better.  But releasing 1.0
> tomorrow is *way* too hasty.

"tomorrow" wasn't the idea, I was suggesting we release it a day after
we had the chance to install it ourselves.. whenever that might be.

As for the showstoppers, the 'srv' patch is okay by me. The
qnx fix I could live without or accept more easily if it were
stripped down to the bare minimum. Ben calls it a showstopper
bug, so we either fix it or fix Ben ;-)

How about this...

  Aim to patch 0.8.15 tomorrow evening, with or without a stripped
    down qnx patch. That gives Ben just a few hours to replace the
    patch with something that's acceptable, but that's life. If anyone
    vetos the qnx patch, it's history.

  Upload "1.0" to hyperreal by wednesday lunchtime (US)
    Create binaries and upload them ASAP

  Move things into place on Thursday afternoon (US)

I guess some people aren't going to like this, if so, propose something
else, please.


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