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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Server push problem
Date Tue, 24 Oct 1995 09:43:41 GMT
> >What problems would we run into if we stop buffering CGI output?
> A lack of any future enhancement? Buffering is required for
> * protection of the connection file descriptor from the script
> * implementation of transfer-encodings for persistent connections
> * HTTP-NG perhaps?
> However, that the server could flush its buffers when no data has been read
> from the script for a while (5 seconds, say.)

An off the top of my head idea...

Can we let scripts send back a "for apache only" header which asks
that the buffer size be reduced?

I've got some scripts which produce reasonable amounts of output but 
when accessing them over a transatlantic link, it's painfull to watch...
data jerks through in 4k blocks. Now if the script could ask to send 
in say, 512byte blocks, the output would (in theory maybe) flow 
8 times more smoothly ;-).

If there's no technical reason to counter this suggestion, then it'll
add more "user control"... something I very much like to encourage in 


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