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From (Beth Frank)
Subject Re: I know this has nothing to do with Apache but...
Date Wed, 18 Oct 1995 16:51:30 GMT
> BTW, anyone tried this Hyper-G gadget?

NCSA is doing collaborative work with the Hyper-G people at Gratz University
in Germany.  What do you want to know?

>From David Oliver:
>        I tried this from Berlin DE while I was over there first
>        half of 1995.   The upside is that "it's all in the server".
>        The downside is "it's all in the server".  I like the
>        user interface paradigm in their (one-and-only I think)
>        browser, but all aspects of the browser have to be Hyper-G
>        "aware" - that is, no such thing as "helper apps" which are
>        independent of the xaction protocols.  :-(  I think this work
>        grew up concurrently with the WWW, and they are hip enough
>        to recognize the success of the Web and provide a Web
>        interface (you dont get full functionality, but you get
>        SOMETHING).  BTW, I think a number of Euro professional organizations
>        are using it as their archive handler (i.e. it has found users)
>        ... oops, lost my URL for it.  I can try to find and post
>        if anyone is interested.

Their URL is :

(Note:  I tried to check the URL since I haven't been to the Hyper-G
site in a while, but the download was slow enough I had to leave for
a meeting before it finished.  My apologies if the URL is no longer 

They have a lot of nice features.  Their biggest problem lies with
scalability.  Since every server knows about all the documents in every
server it is easy to maintain consistency, and provide link maps, but
it just doesn't scale well.  The client uses a session manager which
brings up windows for each service requested.  You can link a jpeg,
audio track, and document together to be a single object.  They do
content negotiation on at least the language field and some other
fields.  We've modified some of their code for use with some of our
client applications so we both can embed links in video now.  I think
some of their viewers are being modified to work with Mosaic.  To
reach WWW a Hyper-G client goes through an HTTP gateway.  The Repository
project has been trying to include several of their ideas.

		Elizabeth(Beth) Frank
		NCSA Server Development Team

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