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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: SSL/Apache
Date Mon, 16 Oct 1995 12:19:33 GMT
> Yep, I've done it. It works. Sort of. Some problems with dropping connections
> and the like, but basically, its there.

Mmm ;)

> Now, does anyone have any serious suggestions as to how we deal with this?
> I'm prepared to mail the patches to anyone that wants them (once they work a
> bit better), and is in a country I think it is safe to mail to (i.e. UK and
> Australia, currently). I don't think I'm currently prepared to take the risk of
> sending them to the US. I am certainly not going to make them available on an
> FTP site.
> As to the copyright notice, I don't suppose (C) Apache Group is quite
> appropriate? I'm happy enough to keep the license, tho.

Seems fair.  There's no reason why any module configured for the Apache API
needs to carry the Apache Group 'Copyright'.  In fact this is one clear example
of a bit of software which shouldn't carry the Apache Group name, or be
distributed with the main source code.

> Call me paranoid, or, more charitably, ultra-cautious   :-)

In this vein you'd be advised to assure yourself that you're not personally
liable for letting people have this information.  I dun't know the legalities
of this stuff at all.  Paul Richards could give you a little insight, or you
could of course contact other authors of SSL code for other applications.

> Cheers,
> Ben.

Whew!  Kudos.


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