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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Operating System Independence
Date Mon, 16 Oct 1995 08:29:04 GMT
> Sigh... all output from modules already goes through rprintf().

All modules, that is, except http_protocol.c itself! Would anyone object if
I fixed that?

> The
> performance hit is minuscule and not worth considering.  If you're really
> worried about this, check out the way includes work --- the rputc() business
> there is even nastier, but profiles appear to show it still isn't much
> worth worrying about.

Cool. I just wanted to formulate a way that had _no_ performance hit over
the current implementation, but I'm fine with a minimal performance hit
instead. In fact, taking over rprintf would mean no performance hit.

> BTW, I've spent a bit of time recently thinking over the "OS-independance"
> idea, and I'm afraid I'm beginning to get a little skeptical about it...
> essentially *all* of several fairly large source files is very OS-dependant,
> as are several of the modules, and a whole lot of OS's, including at least
> OS/2, apparently do come with at least minimally acceptable Posix wrappers.
> It might be best to pause before going through this to figure out what 
> systems you want to be porting *to*, and what would be the least-cost way
> of doing that, rather than going through a whole lot of what might be
> unnecessary work.
> rst

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