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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Votes for 0.8.14 patches
Date Thu, 12 Oct 1995 21:03:03 GMT

+1	01_http_config.0.8.14.patch
+1	02_DBMGroupCoreFix.0.8.14.patch
-1	03_XBITHACK_restrict.0.8.14.patch
+1	04a_ExtraPath.0.8.14.patch
	[restores 1.3R functionality following Ben L's refit.  Loses
	some kuhl functionality that most people didn't notice, boo-hoo..]
+1	05_NoKill.0.8.14.patch
+1	06_SCODocFix.0.8.14.patch
+1	07_SocketMemLeak.0.8.14.patch
+1	08_license.0.8.14.patch
+1	09_HP_comment.0.8.14.patch
+1	10_mutual-failure.0.8.14.patch
+1	11_fd_removal.0.8.14.patch
+1	12_del_max_security.0.8.14.patch
	[are we getting into code-cleanup territory here?]
+1	13_error_fd.0.8.14.patch
	[I actually had a request from someone wanting a minimum 1024
	virtual hosts from a single server, which begs the question of
	why they thought they'd be able to sensibly manage that on one CPU.
	This patch make more sensible use of limited resources.]
+1	14_rlimit.0.8.14.patch
+1	15_urlchars.0.8.14.patch
+1	16_alias.0.8.14.patch
-1	17_const.0.8.14.patch
	[too soon for code cleanup]
+1	18_geteuid.apache_0.8.14.patch
+1	19_redir.0.8.14.patch
+1	20_score.0.8.14.patch
+1	21.escape.0.8.14.patch
+1	22.spawn.0.8.14.patch
-1	23.mmap.0.8.14.patch
	[works for me and is a good idea for 1.0.1, right now it's risky]
+1	24_imap.0.8.14.patch
	don't care about this, even if it is a feature enhancement
-1	25_startserver.0.8.14.patch
	[changes conf file semantics, albeit to make things more

12 and 13 both fixed something that wasn't broken.  I must be losing my edge.
I'll be glad when this sodding code freeze is over and I can go back to sleep.


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