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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Votes on current patches
Date Thu, 12 Oct 1995 10:40:14 GMT
> I'm not sure we should call it 1.0 either.... at least not right off the bat.
> We should built 15.  If there are no problems as it goes around then
> we'll call it 1.0.  

As it "goes around" where?

Are you suggesting we release something called 0.8.15, wait for a showstopper
bug them rename it 1.0?

I renamed my verions "1.0candidate", makes me feel much better  ;-)

After "1.0.almost" is built, we'll have a week to test it on all the
platforms we know have access to.

> After 1.0 is released we can't do as many releases 
> as we have in the past.... 

says who?  :-)

> we'll hit 10.0 in a year...  

No, we'd have 1.8.14

> Each release after this should be very carefully monitored, 

that implies they aren't now, which isn't the case.

> so let's not jump in, if we don't have to.

jump jump jump!    this is not rocket science.


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