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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject votes for 1.0 candidate
Date Wed, 11 Oct 1995 18:18:46 GMT

+1 on all patches except for,

-1 for p04 
      (Prevent Apache from serving /x/y/z/a as /x/y when z/a doesn't exist)

      I'm prepared to be convinced it's a good idea, but at the moment I
      don't think it is. It might break well established URLs, so isn't
      worth the risk.

-1 for p23
      ( Use mmap() to allocated shared memory for the scoreboard ..)

      A feature, no doubt about it. default veto.

-1 for p17
      (Remove some -Wwrite-strings warnings)

      patch failed. where's the bug anyway?

0 for p25
      (Support StartServers 0, which starts MinSpareServers servers)

      Looks like a feature that has zero effect. I couldn't get 8.14 to
      behave any differently to a 1.0 candidate with p25 added.

      As much as I'd like improvements made to this part of Apache, this
      doesn't seem to do anything or fix anything... I'm willing to
      reconsider if it can be shown that this patch does something useful,
      I've no idea if it's meant to be a feature or a bug fix... the 
      former probably. "StartServers 0" worked fine before I think.

      MinSpareServer 0 is a different matter... no warnings, host connects
      but no response... "what did you expect?" - no "spare servers", just
      fork servers when necessary. Another day..



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