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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Patch go boom...
Date Wed, 11 Oct 1995 09:54:58 GMT
> > I don't like this patch ;)  But I wonder if we all agree about what URLs
> > really mean.  For my argument a URL != UNIX file, and I believe we'd be
> > limiting the flexibility of the server by adding this new behaviour.
> URL != File.  However, if by chance a particular URL == File and File is
> incapable of making use of extra path, then any extra path is bad.
> In fact, I would extend that to SSI and only allow it for ASIS and CGI,

But CGI and SSI are the same damned thing surely.  They're notionally programs
that run when you access them, take parameters sucked outta the URL and spit
output back to the browser?

> if I thought I could get away with it.  Same goes for / vs /index.html
> but I know I can't get away with that one.
> Why is it bad?  Because you can't index sites with infinite URLs.

Huh?  Stemming?  Fuzzy matching?  Publicised search engines? Is it possible
to 'index' a site that makes extensive use of multiviews?  I'm confused by
what you mean by 'indexing' in this instance.

> > Any offers?  Perhaps Roy F's got a clue here?
> Two.   Col. Mustard is in the Library with a lead pipe.

Ms. Scarlett, in the bedroom, with the lights down lowwwww.

> .....Roy    ;-)


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