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From "Roy T. Fielding" <field...@avron.ICS.UCI.EDU>
Subject Re: Patch go boom...
Date Wed, 11 Oct 1995 05:16:54 GMT
> I don't like this patch ;)  But I wonder if we all agree about what URLs
> really mean.  For my argument a URL != UNIX file, and I believe we'd be
> limiting the flexibility of the server by adding this new behaviour.

URL != File.  However, if by chance a particular URL == File and File is
incapable of making use of extra path, then any extra path is bad.
In fact, I would extend that to SSI and only allow it for ASIS and CGI,
if I thought I could get away with it.  Same goes for / vs /index.html
but I know I can't get away with that one.

Why is it bad?  Because you can't index sites with infinite URLs.

> Any offers?  Perhaps Roy F's got a clue here?

Two.   Col. Mustard is in the Library with a lead pipe.

.....Roy    ;-)

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