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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: netscape beta
Date Mon, 09 Oct 1995 12:02:14 GMT
> > Yes. It also sends a Host: header. Someone should note to the http-wg 
> > that it sends PQDNs and ports (apparently whatever's in between the first 
> > and second /, it seems), but I'm too scared to do so (*smirk*).
> Crikey!  What ever happened to "get it right the first time"?
> I wonder what happens when they access
> (no trailing slash) -- probably a core dump.
> I just wish the Navigator crew would spend a little more time talking
> (and listening) to the Netsite crew -- for some strange reason all
> browser developers (except Bill Perry) read protocol specifications
> with beer-bottle glasses.
> .....Roy  (or at least that's my polite theory of browser development)

Heh, to be fair the NS2b release was a panic/coredump/traceback/lawsuit
reaction to the security fukup.  The bug list is probably the single most
impressive part of the release.  It's certainly not a mature product.  Still,
if Apache Group had released code like that noone would bat an eyelid.



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