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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: OS/2 Review
Date Fri, 06 Oct 1995 11:28:44 GMT
> Hi All,
> 	Has anyone gotten the chance to look through my OS/2 port and
> consider it for inclusion?

I had a quick look this week.  How feasible do you think it'd be to maintain
an OS2 jumbo-patch in parrallel with the Apache development - I mean in terms
of your time.

When 1.0 comes out you could release a 1.0_OS2 using that patch.  In the
meantime I think that there's a distinct chance that we'll see a lot of deep
modification in Apache post 1.0.  As well as 1001 minor functional enhancements
all queuing up to be applied we also have more fundamental issues like:

o	source-wide code clean up
o	SSL, SHTTP support
o	OS independence (I'm not sure if this is really a group favorite,
	nonetheless I'd at least like to see the beginnings of a stable
	OS2, NT, Mac family by the end of the year)

	Full OS independence, meaning a set of base source and an additional
	<platform>.c library [or, god-knows, some other model] is probably
	not gonna happen before 2.0, at least 6 months from now.  Furthermore
	it'll require a definate change in the way the project is managed.

Ultimately I think we have to chose wheather to proceed in bloating the
code-base for each new platform variant that comes along - or design
the server round the idea of a 'virtual platform' which needs software drivers
to map on to the real platform.

To return to the OS2 question.

1)	I think it's too early to include the OS2 modifications in the
	Apache source.

2)	I think we *should* give promenence to the OS2 port, as a set of
	patches against a stable version of the server, and with a view
	to bringing them in to the distributed sources at a later date.
	We stand to learn an awful lot about the basic design of Apache
	by a close association with non-UNIX projects.

Does this seem fair?

> Garey Smiley


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