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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: 2:0
Date Mon, 02 Oct 1995 16:49:34 GMT
> Last time I aksed for a show of hands on 1.0, there were subsequently
> two people in favour and none against.
> Does this mean anything?
> A 2 day vote call also went by without being acted on.
> Seems like the only way to get anything done is to force the issue.
> Here's a timetable for you to rip apart. I'll assume that if nobody does
> rip it apart, then it's what people are happy with.
> 0.14 will be the last version before 1.0
> Patches for 1.0 will be accepted until October 10th.
> Voting on the patches will end on October 11th.
> 1.0 will be built on/by October 12th
> 1.0 will be released on October 14th
> ...and on the seventh day we fix bugs.

+1 from me (so what do we do on the sixth day?).

And when 1.0 happens we can add new bits, yes? If so, can I advance a proposal
for 1.0, namely that there is a (brief) moratorium on all but bug fixes while
someone rejigs the whole lot for OS independence. I offer myself as that
someone, for two reasons: firstly, porting is one of my specialities,
especially between highly incompatible systems like Windows and Unix, and,
secondly, I would like to have as a side-effect transport independence. For
instance, one could use TLI instead of sockets. Of course, this would all be
much easier (and neater) if we ported to C++ [Ben ducks under the table].

The reason for the moratorium is that OS independence is going to need some
very global changes, which will intefere with the patching process.

If people prefer, we could go for a more "design by committee" method, where
we discuss the structure of the OS independence, then some mug implements it,
once agreed.

I also have a brief question about the OS/2 port - is the toolkit it uses



P.S. I'm sure I'm going to regret this.

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