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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Binary Distributions
Date Sun, 29 Oct 1995 16:59:24 GMT
I have taken the liberty to create a set of directories on hyperreal.


Under that there is currently sunos_4.1.3, netbsd_1.1 and bsdi_1.1.
In the sunos_4.1.3 directory I have placed modules.c and Makefile.
modules.c should be portable between systems, but I leave it there
just in case.

I would like to start some discussion about what the binary releases
should include, and who is responsible for what platform. In theory,
we should just be able to grab a copy of these two files from the
directories above and compile the release.

IMHO - A binary release should simply be the source release with
compiled binaries in the 'src' directory. This way, if they do make
a change, they should not compile everything before relinking. In
theory, we have known working compiler configs etc....

The directories I have created are for the OS's I have access to
and am willing to supply binaries. I could also add hpux_9.0.x
if that is not covered by some other poor soul.

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