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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Call for votes on patches to 0.8.15
Date Sun, 29 Oct 1995 16:38:26 GMT

> Suggested timetable:
> Deadline for patches: end of Monday 30th October (Europe)

Since it is suggested that we are still accepting patches,
I have included a tiny one that fixes a warning in mod_imap.c.
I thought I had fixed this in the last patch....

+1 36.mod_imap.warning.0.8.15.patch

+1 26_redirect2.0.8.15.patch
+1 27_qnx.0.8.14.patch      
-1 28_os2port.0.8.14.patch      The changes look clean Garey,
				but it should probably wait as you have
				pointed out.

+1 29_addtype.0.8.15.patch 
+1 30_svr4.0.8.15.patch 
-1 31a_include.0.8.15.patch     I don't agree with the interpretation of 
				how this should work. This would break much
				of my include usage by not allowing relative
				paths, or paths to files anywhere under
				DOCUMENTROOT. I agree that it should not have
				access to files anywhere on the system.
				virtual != relative

+1 32a_manpage.0.8.15.patch 
+1 33_time.0.8.15.patch     
-1 34_htgroup.0.8.15.patch	Too much code
+1 34a_htgroup.rst.0.8.15.patch  Haven't actually tested this, but it
				does not seem to have broken anything.

+1 35.userdir.0.8.15.patch       Fix UserDir in VirtualHost sections

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