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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Votes so far
Date Fri, 27 Oct 1995 22:46:12 GMT
Votes on the patches currently up for it:

+0 26_redirect2.0.8.15.patch

+1 27_qnx.0.8.14.patch --- FWIW, this patch does not apply cleanly 
   against 0.8.15, as released, because of a conflict with a patch
   from the last round (the RLIMIT cleanup); I had to apply that
   one chunk manually.  +1 vote applies after the (obvious) correction,
   as applied.

-1 28_os2port.0.8.14.patch --- Sorry, Garey, but I really would prefer
   to see this put off until after 1.0 (which will, hopefully, *be* the
   result of this vote, once we've put it through a decent tryout).  
   Unlike the QNX stuff, this goes past header files and hits a sizable
   amount of code.

   In fact, the best course of action might be to wait for a stable 1.0,
   and then integrate the EMX based OS/2 port quickly into that, resulting
   in a plausible OS/2 Apache 1.0 release, while at the same time
   adding it to the (increasingly unstable, one expects) Unix development
   tree for further work.  

   I *may* be open to persuasion here...

+1 29_addtype.0.8.15.patch
+1 30_svr4.0.8.15.patch

+0 31a_include.0.8.15.patch --- I leave it to heavier SSI users to
   determine whether they really want these restrictions

+1 32a_manpage.0.8.15.patch
+1 33_time.0.8.15.patch

-1 34_htgroup.0.8.15.patch --- overcomplicated; simpler alternative is
   better, particularly considering the timing, and is available

+1 34a_htgroup.rst.0.8.15.patch
+1 35.userdir.0.8.15.patch

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