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From "Aram W. Mirzadeh" <>
Subject Re: more preparation for 1.0
Date Tue, 24 Oct 1995 20:34:22 GMT
At 06:27 PM 10/24/95 +0100, you wrote:
>Its even older than that. SCO have this neat system. First you get a
>5-year-out-of-date system, then you download 50 MB of patches over the
>Internet, then you copy each patch to a floppy, then you install it. If you
>can figure out which patches you need, that is. I'm not kidding. BTW, the docs
>should probably note that patch NET382e is a very fine idea for SCO systems.
>The original TCP/IP is more than a little broken. Still doesn't support IP
>aliases, tho.
>> >KernelID = 94/02/14
>> >Machine = Pentium
>> >BusType = ISA
>> >Serial = FRO1234567
>> Hmm... too  bad I don't have the activation key. :)
>I took the precaution of changing the number   ;-)

I noticed. 
>> Ever try demo as the
>> serial, and demo001 as the activation key?  Works wonders. 
>Nope, but I will!

Actually I was kidding.. it reduces the #of users of your system to 
2, and the system will not bootup after 90 days.... and I think it deletes
the library files as well... so you can only mount the drive, not boot off 
of it.

Aram W. Mirzadeh, MIS Manager, Qosina Corporation,
Apache httpd server team

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