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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Server push problem
Date Tue, 24 Oct 1995 15:28:08 GMT
  What is an NPH script? BTW - they don't work with SSL, whatever they are.

An nph- script is a variant on CGI (detected by doing a name check on
the name of the script itself, unfortunately) in which the script is
invoked as a normal CGI script, but gets the raw socket back to the
client on its stdout, rather than talking to a server process which gets
to massage its output and do protocol conversions.  The name comes from
"non parsed headers" (meaning that such scripts have complete control 
over the header sent to the client, and the server doesn't parse them).

It doesn't surprise me that these don't work with SSL --- I don't see any
easy way to make them work with SSL, HTTP-NG, or any other protocol which
needs to process the script's output in any fashion not completely trans- 
parent to the script itself.  (In particular, you can forget about multi-
plexing multiple simultaneous sessions over a single TCP connection, as   
is likely to be featured in HTTP-NG, since the script has no way to 
coordinate with the processes or threads which are handling the other    

My personal view is that this is a hack from hell, which the web 
community might be better off to drop in the long run, but people have
disagreed with me on the subject in the past...


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