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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: 1.0 plans
Date Fri, 20 Oct 1995 14:58:44 GMT
Well, I'd prefer to hold off until we have a good release candidate
(the svr4 patch at least seems to be needed), which has had a public
tryout (NB 0.8.14 is still the default public release) --- just
because we're near the end of this road isn't a reason to test new
code any *less*.

(It may help to remember the poor slob at AT&T who spotted something
obviously wrong with the ESS code he was working on, and dropped in
a simple fix which clearly improved the situation.  The code was so
obviously correct that it didn't need the full battery of tests; it
was just dropped into the system, and seemed to be working fine until
it brought down the entire AT&T long-distance network).

At the very least, let's have whatever we're going to release as 1.0
up as a public release for a couple of days first --- NB 0.8.15 still
is not.  If we're going to have a revised set of docs, I'd also prefer
to wait until those have had a group review, to chase out what
typographical errors may have crept in...  there are few things that
look less professional than doc bugs (say, the omission of a crucial
"not", which I can say from experience is all too easy to commit), and
avoiding that is worth some time and effort.


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