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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: LICENSE
Date Wed, 18 Oct 1995 12:07:59 GMT
What about the possibility of putting donations toward a legal 
fund that would allow the project to become officially incorporated?

> I've seen a couple other companies express interest in helping fund the 
> project, if only to ensure that it remains a stable and featureful 
> server.  My response has generally been that companies that want to 
> dedicate resources should dedicate engineering time to the apache 
> developers' list instead.  
> The "expenses" related to maintaining the Apache list are minimal - the 
> $50/year associated with the domain name, the bandwidth and CPU 
> associated with distributing this list and the server itself, are about 
> it.  That's not even worth itemizing.  The only thing I'd like to have 
> that we don't right now is some sort of cross-platform testing 
> suite/hardware setup, so patches can be tested simultaneously on a bevy 
> of platforms and configurations... but I think we could emulate that if 
> we wanted and were organized enough.  I also don't think, even with 
> donations, a programmer could be hired and paid to work 100% on Apache 
> code.  So, I guess I really don't see the point in trying to accept money 
> when we don't have a coherent use to put it to.  Instead, companies 
> should be encouraged to donate engineer time and resources like just 
> about everyone here has.  
> 	Brian

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