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From sameer <>
Subject Re: SSL/Apache
Date Tue, 17 Oct 1995 18:04:47 GMT
	My apologies. I was unaware that any countries other than the
US had export restrictions on crypto. Off the top of my head I can
think of where there are non-restricted crypto sites:


Actual sites:{crypto,pgp,remailer}

> Sameer wrote:
>         You're in the UK?
> >1) RSA isn't patented within the UK
> >2) There are no US restrictions on import of crypto
> >
> >Therefore, it is completely legal to distribute your work from any ftp
> >site outside of the united states, to anyone. 
> Your assumptions do not justify your conclusion, and your conclusion is
> likely to be incorrect. You are assuming that other states do not have laws
> governing cryptographic software; this assumption is false.
> >There is the issue of you possibly being liable for contributory infringement
> >if you give it to people within the US, but if you make it easy to pug RSAref
> >into your code, then you can tell people that they can't use your code
> >within the us w/o plugging RSAref into it. Then you're set. Completely
> >legal. No worries.
> This is very niave. For the majority of countries, you should be worried
> about exporting cryptographic software. I understand that South Africa
> is one of the few exceptions.
>  David.

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