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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Votes on current patches
Date Wed, 11 Oct 1995 22:42:29 GMT
Here are my votes on the current patches.  I hope that if any new ones
appear, the vote deadline will be pushed back long enough to give the
rest of us a decent opportunity for review.

Incidentally, the patch to add parens around the first subexpression
in this if-statement from run_method:

     if (result != DECLINED && (!run_all || result != OK))

didn't seem to be there.  Since people report that it does fix a
problem on some systems, it has my +1 if it ever shows up.

[ All +1'ed patches have been applied and checked; this involved
  using Ben's corrected version of 04a ]

+1 01_http_config.0.8.14.patch
+1 02_DBMGroupCoreFix.0.8.14.patch
-1 03_XBITHACK_restrict.0.8.14.patch --- withdrawn [no patch present]
+1 04a_ExtraPath.0.8.14.patch [after Ben's correction]
+1 05_NoKill.0.8.14.patch
+1 06_SCODocFix.0.8.14.patch
+1 07_SocketMemLeak.0.8.14.patch
+1 08_license.0.8.14.patch
+1 09_HP_comment.0.8.14.patch
+1 10_mutual-failure.0.8.14.patch
+1 11_fd_removal.0.8.14.patch
+1 12_del_max_security.0.8.14.patch
+1 13_error_fd.0.8.14.patch
+1 14_rlimit.0.8.14.patch
+1 15_urlchars.0.8.14.patch
+1 16_alias.0.8.14.patch
-1 17_const.0.8.14.patch --- As I've said before, I feel cleanups of this
      sort are inappropriate at this point in the release cycle.  
+1 18_geteuid.apache_0.8.14.patch
+1 19_redir.0.8.14.patch
+1 20_score.0.8.14.patch
+1 21.escape.0.8.14.patch
+1 22.spawn.0.8.14.patch
-1 23.mmap.0.8.14.patch --- Again, I don't feel this sort of thing is
      appropriate at this point in the release cycle; it changes a
      whole lot of code, and poses a substantial risk of causing more
      problems than it cures.
+1 24_imap.0.8.14.patch --- Two small changes, both fixing clear bugs.
-1 25_startserver.0.8.14.patch --- See Andrew's comments.  

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