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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Patch go boom...
Date Wed, 11 Oct 1995 18:55:56 GMT
In message <>, Tony Sanders writes:
>"Roy T. Fielding" writes:
>> URL != File.  However, if by chance a particular URL == File and File is
>> Why is it bad?  Because you can't index sites with infinite URLs.
>I would very much like it if /index.html were illegal when / is
>specified to be the the canonical form for that document (the
>current aliasing problem is really a major pain).  I definitely
>believe that a single document should have a single name.

I actually tried doing redirects for all */index.html to */.
Netscape dealt with it fine.  My output looked fine when I viewed
it with telnet.  But Microsoft's browser barfed bad on it.  Lynx
didn't like it either.  I'm an HTTP newbie, but I'm certain the
redirect was right -- I was returning "http://ServerName:ServerPort/*".
(Obviously * is the possibly empty path to the index.html, and I
was returning the trailing /).  Sometime I'd like to figure out
what went wrong.


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