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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Another 'step' for Apache module translation? (fwd)
Date Tue, 10 Oct 1995 03:20:25 GMT

Take a deep breath....

ack sent.

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> From  Mon Oct  9 09:37:59 1995
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> From: Cameron Elliott <>
> Organization: Elliott Productions
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> Subject: Another 'step' for Apache module translation?
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> I would like to propose a post 'handler' step/phase for the
> Apache module interface.
> I need this to fully implement my URL cookie module without modifying
> source files such as http_*.c
> I'm sure most reading this know what URL-cookies are, but if you are 
> unsure, please visit the site, and notice the '@@....'
> junk in the URL, its a cookie that allows a clients visit through
> the site to be tracked, and allows the server to maintain state information
> about the clients session.
> I realize that url-cookies not a pretty solution, and can affect how URL's
> were intented
> to be used, but I am aware of these ramifications, and so are others who use
> them.
> I believe that the gains from URL-cookies are much greater than the losses.
> (I proposed to submit url-cookie mods for 0.6.5, and Brian B. declined to take
> them, so I assume the group doesn't think they are too hot :)
> Anyway, to complete the module without affecting source files like http_*.c,
> I need a post handler phase.
> Why?, well, the way my url-cookie module works is that it is a _handler for
> type '*/*', and the directory type.
> Currently, it checks all uris for a cookie, if present, it removes it, and
> sets a flag (header) in the request* make note that the cookie was stripped, and
> performs an internal redirect.
> On the next pass through it sees the cookie stripped flag, and DECLINES to
> handle the request, thereby letting it fall through to the rest of the handlers.
> This works great, and the cookie module handles most typical site visits,
> except when a module performs a REDIRECT with an absolute URL, this causes the
> cookie to get lost and the mechanism to generate another cookie.
> For example, in mod_dir.c, and in mod_imap.c, there is does a REDIRECT with
> an absolute URL, this really causes the whole thing to crap out.
> So, if I had a post handler phase, I could look for the 'Location' header, 
> and re-insert the cookie if necessary.
> I know that some don't want the URL-cookie stuff around, but I really think 
> its useful, and I think another phase could be of use in situations like
> this that I am not aware of.
> Please let me know what you think.
> Cameron Elliott
> (212)886-4443

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