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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: cacheing/writing ?
Date Sun, 08 Oct 1995 11:45:18 GMT
> Hi's!
> I have a quiestion about how cacheing done in apache - could someone
> please summarize what happens - I have written this fairly sophisticated
> CGI script and some very strange things are happening to it. 

It depends what you mean by caching.  Apache isn't a proxy webserver and so
doesn't cache the responses to requests that have been made previously.
Apache's CGI scripts don't normally send a Last-modified: header back to
the client, which the client would then use to inform it's own caching
facility.  Do you *want* the results of your CGI to be cached? - if so
then you should make them send a Last-modified header too.

When my sophisticated CGI scripts start misbehaving I find that it's
invariably the script that's at fault.  Can you tell us more about what
you're trying to do?  Reply to me if you don't
want to clutter the list up with non-server speak.

> Thanks,
> -Max Levchin


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