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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: OS/2 Review
Date Sat, 07 Oct 1995 09:59:34 GMT
> Why did you refer to it as a
> jumbo-patch? My modifications where limited, except for mod_cgi.c and
> their I mostly added support for OS/2 REXX scripts. PERL scripts also
> work properly.

Sorry, 'jumbo' as in bigger than mine, and touching many files. (most of
my patches have been one-liners ;).

> >1)	I think it's too early to include the OS2 modifications in the
> >	Apache source.
> Too early in what way. I've had Apache ported since 0.6.3, though it
> may be to late to be included in release 1.0.

Just a gut feeling.  The patches may be stable, but Apache's design isn't
IMHO.  Heck, if one considers OS2 to be just another UNIX then it doesn't
make much difference how the patches are maintained.  In that sense 1.0.1
would be a good candidate for the OS2 stuff.

> >2)	I think we *should* give promenence to the OS2 port, as a set of
> >	patches against a stable version of the server, and with a view
> >	to bringing them in to the distributed sources at a later date.
> >	We stand to learn an awful lot about the basic design of Apache
> >	by a close association with non-UNIX projects.
> Currently the OS/2 Apache port is the fast public domain/shareware
> HTTP server, and I will soon be benchmarking it against IBM's
> commerical server.


> Garey Smiley


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