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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: WWW Form Bug Report: ""User" option doesn't change the user of the "parent" process" on Ultrix
Date Thu, 05 Oct 1995 17:42:03 GMT
> Submitter:
> Operating system: Ultrix, version: 4.4
> Extra Modules used: 
> URL exhibiting problem: 
> Symptoms:
> --
> I guess this isn't a bug report, per se, since it is well-defined behavior. I had sent
a patch for httpd 1.4 to the NCSA people, and it worked just great for me.  Basically, I want
the _parent_ process for httpd to change its UID as well as the child processes. I found this
most useful when constructing a crontab file for my "www" user, which would send a kill -HUP
signal to the httpd daemon every once in awhile. By adding this option (perhaps as a  compile-time
option), it allows me to completely remove root from the Web management.  Of course the socket
must be bound _before_ the uid is changed. But like I said, it works fine for me. I will attempt
to create an appropriate patch for httpd_main.c for Apache 0.8.14.  Comments? Mike  


does this mean that any CGI script can send a SIGHUP to the server, or
worse, send a SIGTERM or SIGKILL?


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