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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Umm... The Contributor's page
Date Tue, 03 Oct 1995 16:06:41 GMT
Paul Richards wrote:
> In reply to Jim Jagielski who said
> > 
> > No matter how I phrase this, it's gonna sound petty and cheap, and I
> > don't want to sound that way. I guess it for reasons like this that some
> > people don't like the whole idea of contributor lists in the 1st place.
> Precisely and not just because things can be incorrectly attributed but
> because the people who get incorrectly attributed have the embarrassment
> like yourself of having to get the thing corrected.

It is uncomfortable doing so...
> I've always said a simple list of contributers is enough, particularly
> for general patch contributers. If it's felt a small group of individuals
> should stand out then list them separately, something like
> The following have made significant and/or substancial contributions to
> the Apache project.

Agreed. But then that can create the can o' worms as far as what is
"significant" or "substantial". The extremes are easy... it's that damn
fuzzy line that's the problem :)

> >     Contributions: Main contributions have been in the support of
> >      A/UX as an "official" Apache OS. Bug fixes include the weird A/UX
> >      POST bug and preventing core dumps on read timeouts.
> This level of detail is just silly. Only about 3 people have even bothered
> filling in the details of what they've done, most submit the minimum
> number of fields to just be attributed as being involved in some way.

Not knowing what to do, I figured fill 'em all in :)

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