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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Umm... The Contributor's page
Date Tue, 03 Oct 1995 14:41:53 GMT
I don't have a big ego... I don't do porting so that my name gets on lists.
However, if such a list exists, at least it should be somewhat accurate.
I noticed that my "contributions" to Apache were attrbuted to Eric Hagberg.
Now, in fact, it's true that Eric turned me onto Apache (I was spending
my time with NCSA Httpd 1.5b) but since then I've kept up on the port
of apache for A/UX, and was in fact responsible for "solving" the
A/UX PORT problem and the core-dump problem attributed to Eric. No doubt
the port would not have been anywhere close to the level it was without
Eric, but.... In fact, it's even better to discuss the A/UX PORT problem
as fixed both by Eric and myself since we both discovered the fix

No matter how I phrase this, it's gonna sound petty and cheap, and I
don't want to sound that way. I guess it for reasons like this that some
people don't like the whole idea of contributor lists in the 1st place.

Just in case...:

    Name:  Jim Jagielski
    Company: jaguNET Access Services (above URL)
    Occupation: ISP and Engineer
    Location: Baltimore Maryland, USA
    O/S Expertise: A/UX
    Contributions: Main contributions have been in the support of
     A/UX as an "official" Apache OS. Bug fixes include the weird A/UX
     POST bug and preventing core dumps on read timeouts.
Jim Jagielski  << >>   | "Stwike him Centuwian, vewy woughwy!"
  **  jaguNET Access Services  **      |                - Pontius Piwate
++       Email:      +++        Voice:  410-931-3157       ++
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