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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Re: votes
Date Thu, 28 Sep 1995 08:36:43 GMT
On Thu, 28 Sep 1995, Ben Laurie wrote:
> Does this mean that we shouldn't bother to document it?
> Why allow an "incorrect" format, rather than emitting an error message?

Having a group file containing ":group" isn't obvious.  It isn't what is
done elsewhere and it was a slight fiddle to allow the group and password
DBM files to overlap.  Having the group file containing "group" was how I
was about to document it;  with ":group" being a mentioned alternative only
for people that are going to overlap the files.

But you are right, it is a feature enhancement patch.  It just seemed a
bit silly adding an error message patch for the 0.8.14 and then 
removing the error message and allowing the new format for 1.0; especially
since the patch for the latter is so trivial.

Mark J Cox, -- URL:
University of Bradford, England ---------- tel +44.1274.384070/fax 391333

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