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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Contributions/Credit, and History
Date Mon, 11 Sep 1995 23:45:36 GMT

In an effort to make sure that the contributors within the Apache project get
recognized for their work, I'm now going to ask each of you to submit to me a
couple sentences, perhaps a paragraph, outlining the main contributions you
think you have made to the Apache project for the credits page, which lives
at  We're going to work on the honor
system, I'm not going to edit your submissions (beyond spelling, etc) and
I'll leave it up to you to assess what your contribution has been so far and
what you want to be known for.  

Please don't list every bug squished or every patch submitted - list your
major code contributions, the platforms you test for, or the other roles you
play in the project.  Since we don't have names in the source code itself
(other than when small functions are contributed by non-group-members), this
is where you're gonna be remembered. 

Obviously these can change over time - but I would like this to be 
reasonably complete by the time we launch 1.0.  Those of you with 
hyperreal accounts can edit it yourself, if you like.  

In addition, I would like feedback over whether the pages at should be symlinked over to the apache 
project as well, so it's essentially public.  If I don't hear a nay, I'll 
do that this week.

Finally, it has struck me that a Very Good Thing to have handy and 
updated would be a history of the project - sort of a summary of major 
topics of conversation, decisions made (and why), philosophies debated, 
etc.  This would be useful as a proto-FAQ (why isn't blah-blah in 
Apache?) and to remind ourselves of the tremendous work we've been able 
to accomplish in the past *7* months.  Putting the mail archives online 
is a step towards that, but a month-by-month or even week-by-week recap 
would be good to have.  The www-vrml list has its own historian now, 
which everyone sort of agrees is a Good Thing.  In a world where much of 
the exciting development is being taken behind closed doors and under 
wraps of NDA's, it needs to be shown that public-domain development 
efforts really do work.




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