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From "David M. Oliver" <>
Subject re: Apache Licensing
Date Fri, 08 Sep 1995 02:32:58 GMT
On Thu, 7 Sep 1995, Rob Hartill wrote:

> >From John_Landwehr@NeXT.COM  Wed Sep  6 10:32:38 1995

> Can you provide me with licensing information for this?  Keep in mind that  
> WebObjects is a commercial product (will be sold for $$$).

	Perhaps it would be beneficial to put the Apache license
	verbage (that stuff that appears in the code) out on the
	Web Site along with a more detailed "statement of purpose"
	in which to frame this verbage.

	As I am a newbie, here's a question:  Why did this group
	not simply adopt the Free Software Foundation's "copyleft"
	verbage, as opposed to the current?  My understanding of
	that "license" is that it would have the effect you 
	intend (I THINK you intend):  that "this product is built
	with Apache.  You can use it, modify it, and even sell 
	support and service for it, but you have to give away the

	(I am interested in the group's response as my company is
	interested in moving our work from a "formerly public domain
	server" to Apache.  We want there to continue to be a
	well-supported "free server" that supports our mods.)

| David Oliver                          |
| Managing Director-Technology                Newshare Corporation |

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