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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: votes
Date Wed, 27 Sep 1995 13:06:23 GMT
> Hmm.. I'm not sure what you mean... do you want 0.8.15 to be 1.0?

that is what I was offering as a suggestion.

> I'm not even sure if we're going to include the OS/2 stuff.... if that is 
> the same, then I'm against going with 1.0.  If we're not I'll consider it... 
> but am not crazy about it.

If the OS/2 patches were accepted in the time available (which I
seriously doubt), then they would be part of 1.0

I get the impression that we've settled into a routine of fixing minor
problems, and that nobody has said "X needs fixing before 1.0". The minor
problem fixes will probably continue to come in at a similar rate for some
time to come.

As has been said before, the "1.0" tag is psychologically advantageous.
We're not selling anything, so I see no reason to wait any longer unless
people can give good reasons for doing so.

I'd bet that 0.8.14 has far fewer bugs than many other 1.0 servers that have
been released, whether they are commercial products or freebies like ours.

Once we have 1.0, we can continue to patch it at a similar rate to what we do
now with 0.8.*

If someone can give good reasons why we're not ready for 1.0, then I have
no problem accepting a delay, but all calls so far for such reasons have
produced nothing from what I remember.

We could take 0.8  to 0.8.99 as things stand. 

So who is and who isn't ready ?


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