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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: new release?
Date Mon, 25 Sep 1995 17:26:05 GMT
> +1 for the copyright stuff.. I agree.  I'm not sure why you guys are macking
> this so hard, but hey, if you want to play with it that's fine by me.  I
> would have
> just grabed the GNU leftcopy stuff, and stuck it somewhere.  It works for 
> everyone else in the freeworld.

Er, well, not everyone.

> +1 on going on with 1.0 
> -1 on including the OS/2 stuff.  I think we can release it but not as a
> supported
> release.  

Well, someone would support it, *it* most preferrably being a 'module'
or plug in library which implemented Apache's environment-specific bits
and pieces for OS2/Warp.  This means that a similar layer of abstraction
would be needed to put all the UNIX specific mumbo-jumbo in one 'file'.
I dunno if we all want to support OS2/Warp (I dont/cant) but there's no
reason why we couldn't look into making it easier for someone else to use
an apache common-core with environment-specific libraries.

> That's all I have read so far... unfortunatly as soon as I get the time to read
> 20 messages, there are 5 more in my in-basket.  Whoever said email would
> make your life easier lied like a RUG! 


> <Aram>


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