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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: WWW Form Bug Report: "can't retrieve real document if error doc is newer" on BSDI (fwd)
Date Fri, 22 Sep 1995 18:50:46 GMT
>   they don't if the bug-report is accurate. I haven't attempted to verify it.
> Even if it is, there may be other explanations.  For instance, we may be
> doing the last-modified check before verifying that we have permission to
> read the file.  If we are, and someone does 'chmod 000 somefile.html', we
> will continue to send USE_LOCAL_COPY, rather than reporting permission 
> denied, to anyone who sends 'If-modified-since: lastmod-date'.
> I have checked the code, BTW --- die() certainly should be setting r->no_cache,
> and internal_redirect() certainly should be propagating it to the new
> request_rec.  There may be some silly typo which keeps that code from
> working, but it seems more likely that the guy encountered some combination
> of circumstances like I outlined above, if he isn't just confused.

Or it could be a symptom of the Netscape braindamage I mentioned earlier.
As I said, I couldn't get Netscape to update an image (which was being
refreshed every 30 seconds), not with no-cache, not with Expires:. I haven't
fully pinned down exactly what the problem was (but I'm pretty sure I was
sending the headers, at least, it would be nice to confirm that Netscape
recieved them ... does anyone know of a winsock spy tool?). In fact, I even
saw bizarre behaviour where it fetched a new version, and then on the next
update reverted to an old cached version (!).

You can experiment with this on
if you want to see it failing in real life. Switching off all cacheing in
Netscape fixes it (I'm talking Windows Netscape here). (You have to click
the picture to get the updating version. Even though it may not change much
at night, you can tell whether it updates by the speed of the refresh).



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