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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: load spreading... 0.8.14 announcement
Date Thu, 21 Sep 1995 09:34:51 GMT
> >Whaaaat? ;)  cleaning up the code won't have any effect on the system's
> >stability or -Wall'ability.  lifting the feature ban will introduce
> >a truck load of new and funky stuff which will charge around smashing
> >plates and throwing up on your sofa.  There are still bugs and IMHO
> >the server is not *very* stable.
> Really?  I thought the server was very stable.  What kind of problems
> are you having with stability?

I used the wrong words.  Clearly the thing is stable for those of us
who have grown up with the thing, understand the vagueries of its
documentation and have our config files set up to match the aptitute of
our chosen OS/HW platforms, buuuut, ....  that's just us.  It doesn't
include the hoard of first-time users who're running on BadUx alpha 0.0.1
with NFS mounted *everything* and a DNS that was set up by a committee of
chimps.  It is these 'unforseen' conditions that we should be clearing up,
and which we are clearing up successfully I believe ;)

Again, it's not a case of stability in a calm ordered environment that
concerns me, I'm just assuming that we all wish for at least that.  I'm
concerned with the steps we can take to ensure that Apache 1.0 survives
when we release it into harsh environments.

> <Aram>


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