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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject anything else ?
Date Tue, 19 Sep 1995 14:27:42 GMT

> > Oooo, interest from a big company...
> > 
> > If anyone else wants to handle this, be my guest. If not what shall
> > I tell him ? - i guess the answer is "Please feel free to redistribute
> > Apache for free (you may charge for support), but please do not
> > redistribute it under any other name. There will be a new license text
> > attached to Apache in a week or two, it basically says the above, but 
> > you should probably wait to read it."
> > 
> > anything else ?
> > 
> Sounds like you've covered it. If this is something you don't 
> want to do, let me know and I will contact him.

Mmm, things seem to be happening in an ad-hoc manner.  Which is fine in
the short-term but probably a bad idea if we're trying to be consistant.
I wonder if people feel that now would be a good time to tighten things up
a little.  At least to the extent of:

o	adopting a more workable licence (Paul R's idea seems like
	a start)

o	formalising the group to the extent where we could at least be happy
	that we're covering our asse[t]s for purposes of copyright and
	trademarks (duh, wot they?).

	o	Ben L mentioned a low-overhead approach where we fake-up
		a company just to hang the name on, but which doesn't
		require us to wear suits or even have a CEO.  Seemed to
		be viable in the UK, but I'm unclear about the US equivalent.

		[trademarks in the US can only be 'owned' by US organisations,
		same for UK.  So for a 'global' approach there'd need to
		be several such fake-ups].

o	Knocking up a short faq/guideline doc detailing what the Apache 'licence'
	really means so:
	a)	we all know what rules we're playing with
	b)	we can point people to it if they ask

Comments please.


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