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From "Sean N. Welch" <>
Subject Re: linux virtual host (fwd)
Date Tue, 19 Sep 1995 17:01:09 GMT
On Sep 19,  9:35am, Sean N. Welch wrote:
> Subject: Re: linux virtual host (fwd)
> I'm having similar weirdness with an Irix 5.3 box that has 5 VirtualHosts.
> Two of them work just fine.  The other ones ask for authentication and 
> then all I can get are pages containing no data.  The access logs don't
> record any hits after I authenticate, nor do the error logs show any
> signs that something is broken.
> The setup I'm using is a single httpd.conf without an srm.conf or an
> access.conf (though they are both defined as /dev/null).  It's set up
> that way because I have two VirtualHosts that are serving the same 
> document tree, just with different authentication requirements.  My
> VirtualHosts are ppp interfaces.

OK, back to square one.  I've commented out everything in the unhappy
VirtualHost definitions except for ServerName, DocumentRoot, and the
various log files, and I'm getting pages again.  I'm going to go through
a few lines at a time uncommenting things until I have a better idea as
to what I'm doing wrong.  I'll let you know if it turns out to be the
least bit interesting.


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