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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject re: WWW Form Bug Report: "tolower/toupper undefined result if already lower/upper" on OTHER:i386 Mach
Date Mon, 18 Sep 1995 21:02:47 GMT
> Anyone want to chase this one ..

I mailed the fellow asking for some more info/patches etc.  Sorry if
someone's already following this up.


> > Submitter:
> > Operating system: OTHER:i386 Mach, version: 3.0

> > Symptoms:
> > --
> > Daemon dies in initialisation of mime module, errors trying to run a shell cgi script
etc.  Any source line that calls toupper or tolower, when  the case of the character is that
of the conversion request.  This is as per the man pages for this system.  Return result is
undefined in these cases. 

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