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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject -d | !-d ? <-
Date Thu, 14 Sep 1995 21:05:23 GMT

	what do we all understand to be the meaning of the '-d' option?

>From Usage we have:

	-d directory : specify an alternate initial ServerRoot

which suggests that:

	./httpd -d /foo/bar

will start the ball rolling in the /foo/bar directory.

If /foo/bar/httpd.conf contains a line like:

	ServerRoot /baz/boo

then *this* will also override the '-d' setting, as seen under Apache 0.8.13.
There seem to be two possibilities:

1)	-d is behaving the way we mean it to, and we've just forgotten
	to mention in documentation that configuration files can overrule
	command line options - so if we're keen to use '-d' we should
	remove the ServerRoot line from the conf files.

2)	we really meant '-d' to completely override all configuration
	file directives to the contrary and we never got round to coding
	it up to do just that.

What do you think is meant by -d.



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