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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Questions about Apache License (fwd)
Date Tue, 12 Sep 1995 16:35:23 GMT

If he doesn't hear from us within a week, I've told him to assume he
can go ahead.

I can't work out if this acceptable or not.

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Forwarded message:

 From: Schrenk Nathan W <>
 Subject: Questions about Apache License
> Hi,
> I'm interested in taking Apache and adding some extensive modifications
> and modules into it for a large client who would be using it on their
> web servers.  The Apache license contains the following text:
>  * Permission is hereby granted to anyone to redistribute Apache under
>  * the "Apache" name. We do not grant permission for the resale of Apache, but
>  * we do grant permission for vendors to bundle Apache free with other software,
>  * or to charge a reasonable price for redistribution, provided it is made
>  * clear that Apache is free. Permission is also granted for vendors to 
>  * sell support for for Apache. We explicitly forbid the redistribution of 
>  * Apache under any other name.
> The part that is worrisome to me is the line that says "We do not grant
> permission for the resale of Apache."  Does this prevent me from selling
> a heavily modified version of Apache to a client?  If so, would I be able to
> give Apache to the client and sell them my modifications and still be within
> the Apache license?  Of course, credit will be given to the Apache project
> in any case.  Before I go off and write this beast I wanted to make sure that
> I wouldn't be stepping on anyone's toes in the Apache development effort.  
> Thanks for your time,
> Nathan
> --
> Nathan W. Schrenk

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Keeping the modifications and original Apache separate *seems* acceptable
to me, it at least ensures that if others do similar things, the customer
sees they are getting "Free Apache" + paid for work. For this to work, we
also need to stop the customer selling the combined product to others.

Thoughts ?


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