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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: bugs and design/build issues in Apache 0.8.1x (fwd)
Date Tue, 12 Sep 1995 15:18:01 GMT

According to this guy, the standard Makefile doen't set the right
defaults for Linux, and neither does the Configuration file.

I think that's what he's getting at.

> From: (Andrew Cromarty)
> Subject: Re: bugs and design/build issues in Apache 0.8.1x
> We needn't beat a dead horse about the Makefile issue, but to answer your 
> questions:
> - I followed the directions, and thus did not use Configure.  The INSTALL
>   file leads the user away from using Configure unless you want to
>   add new modules:
> 	"If you are satisfied with our standard module set, and expect to
> 	continue to be satisfied with it, then you can just edit the stock
> 	Makefile and compile as you have been doing previously.  If you would
> 	like to select optional modules, however, you need to run the
> 	configuration script."
> - Neither the Makefile nor the Config* files set the -ldbm load option with
>   the other LINUXs options, nor document it as required specifically by LINUX.
>   My suggestion was: adding this line to Configuration in the LINUX
>   section probably is easier for you than answering 100's of questions
>   about "why apache doesn't link under Linux."  Your time, your choice....
>   Note also that the Makefile provided with 0.8.13 apparently was not 
>   produced by the current version of Configure and Configuration.
> No need to reply to me on the above.

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