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From Andrew Wilson <>
Date Tue, 12 Sep 1995 15:55:23 GMT
> >In any case, the problem I saw with what Andy posted was, where the hell
> >do I get MAXHOSTNAMELEN from? It's defined three times and in very obscure
> >include files. Anyone have a Linux machine they'd give me an account on,
> >I'd go look around the sources myself then and see what the correct thing
> >to do is.
> No point, that what the patches are for.  Sumbit your patch as you need it
> on your machine.  If it breaks on another system, then who ever is going 
> Linux at the time will submit a patch for your patch.  And we'll go from there.
> It will just take too long to try to find every machine's needs, especially when
> the original code will probebly work on 70% of the machines out there. 

It won't take too long, and it's my time, and I want to know, and I'm [buzzz]
if I'm gonna wait for list latency to slow up my patches any more.  So I'm
trying to work out what this patch needs to look like in the majority of cases,
which includes linux.  If the best linux is sensible and keeps its
param.h in /usr/include/sys then it's easy.  If not then it's less easy, but still

So I asked, anyone know what the *latest* version of Linux prefers as param.h,
if that's where it keeps its MAXHOSTNAMELENGTH, and what the value of 


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> Aram W. Mirzadeh, MIS Manager, Qosina Corporation
> Apache httpd server team

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