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From (Stan Guillory)
Subject Re: netscape marketing
Date Fri, 08 Sep 1995 22:51:11 GMT
> For a while at NCSA, I watched market shares very closely. People
> there are very enthusiastic in the same way, many of them seem to
> think that the web is a great big competition for users attention. 

Is there any reason at all for bringing us into this? No offense,
Rob, but having someone from Netscape accuse us at NCSA of thinking
"the web is a great big competition for users attention" is pretty comical.

The points you made in your post were reasonable, but you can't expect
the rational responses you desire while making such a gratuitous 
slap at us in the same breath.

To clear the air, I know that the current members of the NCSA server
team welcome the efforts of Apache, and are in no way concerned about
losing "market share". We think Apache serves a niche (a very LARGE
niche if you will) that would be increasingly difficult for us to fill 
given our mission. 

> So if you tell me, in rational terms, what you would like the
> marketing people to stop doing and why, then I'll pass the information
> on to them. I can't convince anyone to do anything with the
> information and threats I've seen so far.

I doubt if I will be contacted by your marketing people, but if I were,
I would appreciate it if, rather than thinly insult my current setup,
he/she explain in detail what I am going to get for my 40% discount
that I'm not getting for free right now. I realize unsolicited email
is probably an effective marketing tool. What I found odd about the
mailing is what a poor marketing effort it was. I could make a better
case for "upgrading" to netsite than this fellow did.

Stanford S. Guillory
Httpd Server Development Team
NCSA-University of Illinois

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